Trump Opiod Emergency –

Today U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency and said his administration was drafting papers to make it official.
“It’s a national emergency. We’re going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis.”
In 2012, more than 790 million doses of opioids were prescribed to patients in Ohio, “enough to supply every man, woman and child in the state with 68 pills each.” In 2016, 2.3 million people in Ohio were prescribed an opioid; that’s 20 percent of the state’s entire population.

It is a national emergency,” President Donald J. Trump said.

Facebook TV Launch –

Facebook is getting into TV!
We’ll be launching two shows on Facebook Watch: “What’s Your Mutt” and “DIY Costume Squad”! 📺👏
Facebook officially confirmed the impending launch of Watch on Wednesday afternoon. The company didn’t specify a date for the launch but said that it would happen “soon.”
“The new tab will be called “Watch” and showcase a slew of shows slated to debut on August 28, people familiar with the matter said. Roughly 40 shows from a range of publishing partners and content studios will be included in the first slate of programming.”

Paris Soldiers Injured –

The driver’s motive is unclear, but officials said he deliberately aimed at the soldiers, and counterterrorism authorities opened an investigation. It is the latest of several attacks targeting security forces guarding France over the past year. While others have targeted prominent sites like the Eiffel Tower, Wednesday’s attack hit a leafy, relatively affluent suburb that is home to France’s main intelligence service, the DGSI.
Three of the soldiers suffered light injuries while three were more seriously injured, but their lives are not in danger, according to the Defense Ministry.

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo tweeted: “I hope with all my heart that the attacker will be quickly arrested.”
A witness to the car attack described hearing an ear-piercing scream of pain and troops chasing after a speeding car, reported The Associated Press. Nadia LeProhon was startled by a loud crash outside her building in Levallois-Perret, and rushed outside to see two soldiers on the ground. Other soldiers ran after a speeding car, shouting: “After him! Follow that car!”
She said the scream that followed the crash was still echoing through her head. “I’ll never forget that scream — a scream of pain and distress,” she told AP.
Resident Jean-Claude Veillant said he saw two uniformed soldiers prone on the ground when he came down to the entrance of his 13-story building. “It was horrible,” he said, adding that both soldiers appeared to be in bad shape and one of them was unconscious.

Google Diversity –

It was reported that two Google executives criticized a memo that circulated late last week at the company from an unnamed engineer suggesting that there were “biological causes” for under representation of women in technology and leadership.

The original memo, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” relied on social science data to make the point that a dearth of women in tech wasn’t reflective of large-scale discrimination, but of difference in career preference and capacity between men and women on average. Such wrongthink would not be tolerated at Google, the company quickly responded.

North Korea Sanctions –

North Korea vows ‘thousands-fold’ revenge on US over sanctions- this crazy fish head. President Trump is trying diplomacy but will not work. We will need to confront them sooner or later.
China and Russia have decided to fight us through North Korea. In order for the sanctions to work, we’re going to have to cut off Russia and China. Russia is no problem, we have very little economic connection to them. China is a major problem with our entire manufacturing base situated there. There is a story in 2009 that showed China and Russia colluded to crash the real estate market which lead to the Great Recession.

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