Facebook TV Launch – iParis.com Facebook is getting into TV! We’ll be launching two shows on Facebook Watch: “What’s Your Mutt” and “DIY Costume Squad”! 📺👏 Facebook officially confirmed the impending launch of Watch on Wednesday afternoon. The company didn’t specify a date for the launch but said that itContinue Reading
Oprah Kraft Heinz – iParis A spokes person for Kraft Heinz and Winfrey say the supermarket products come with “unexpected nutritious twists.” A package of mashed potatoes includes mashed cauliflower in place of some of the potato. A broccoli cheddar soup recipe replaces some cheese with butternut squash. *** KraftContinue Reading
Paris Soldiers Injured – iParis.com The driver’s motive is unclear, but officials said he deliberately aimed at the soldiers, and counterterrorism authorities opened an investigation. It is the latest of several attacks targeting security forces guarding France over the past year. While others have targeted prominent sites like the EiffelContinue Reading
Gorka Minnesota Suggests – iParis.com “Sebastian Gorka, a White House national security adviser, defended President Donald J. Trump’s silence on an explosion at a Minnesota mosque by suggesting it could have been a fake hate crime “propagated by the left.” When asked on MSNBC Tuesday why President Trump had yetContinue Reading
Disney Pulls Netflix – iParis.com Though Disney had been rumored to be considering starting its own streaming service for some time, it moved quickly on that plan in recent days after an earnings report showed a drop in revenue compared to this time in 2016. While last year saw DisneyContinue Reading
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