iParis Radio is the largest search engine for free radio, music and celebrity news from around the world. iParis is your global music source where over 100 Million people from around the world tune in.

Yes, it is Free! Sign in and start listening. Select your language and country and start enjoying music, or read some of our gossip celebrity stories for with celebrity news. Buy wireless wearables at the I Paris store.

For Artist and Musician upload your content for Free on iParis.com and let people from all over the world discover your work. We will broadcast your track record or demo song to our worldwide audience. iParis is the platform for all artists, upstarts, and major music and radio household names. Share your music with the world.

iParis is a luxury brand for wireless accessories and wearables. At iParis, we are becoming a leader in the wireless related distribution of luxury high tech gadgets and consumer electronics at an affordable price.

Since 2005 iParis has envisioned itself as a “One Stop Solution” for wireless accessories, wireless headsets, and wearables. iParis designs & distributes all of its brands compatible with Apple, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and much more. We hold numerous patents and our products are found in all major retailers including Walmart, Sears, Amazon, and Target. We distribute to additional retailers internationally and across the USA.

Following our vision, we keep designing progressive solutions to meet our customers growing needs, from Big-Box retailers and small cell phone shops, online stores and e-commerce businesses.

iParis news programming airs through in over 200 countries and has reached multi-million daily users including social media monthly views. For news tips- send us an e-mail: sales@iparis.com


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