Model Eye Tattoo –

Model Eye Tattoo –

And how could it be legal for a layperson to inject something, anything, into someone else’s eye? I don’t even think it should be legal for an ophthalmologist to inject something into someone’s eye for cosmetic reasons.

“Gallinger said she wanted her sclera dyed purple to contrast with her green eyes. ‘It’s not that I wanted to stand out to the public, but for me it’s part of expressing who I am,’ she said. ”

You can express yourself through artistic fashion. You can paint or decorate a shirt or jeans or buy someone else’s artwork. You can express yourself through conventional tattoos.

You can express yourself through writing, drawing, singing, playing an instrument, dancing. You can express yourself through activism. You can express yourself even through sport, perhaps. There are dozens of ways to express yourself which, I contend, entails some kind of reasonably interpretable message

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