About us

Mission Statement

iParis is a US based Luxury Brand of Wireless Accessories with headquarters  located in Las Vegas Nevada. At iParis we strive to lead in wireless related distribution of high tech gadgets and consumer electronics with our Luxury line of goods. iParis designs & distributes all of it brands compatible with Apple, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, Sony , Acer , Samsung, LG, HTC and many more. We hold numerous patents and we are also the first company to introduce a Genuine Diamond leather case compatible with all your wireless accessories.



Since 2005 iParis Brand has envisioned itself as a “One Stop Solution” for wireless accessories and computer products. Following our vision, we have designed progressive solutions to meet our customers growing needs; from Big-Box retailers and small cell phone shops to online stores and ecommerce businesses.



Products & Services


Our team has developed a state of the art inventory system that holds over 2000 line items and keep track of Millions of items transactions.

Our website www.iParis.com provides product details including quantities available and prices. An order can be completed and submitted online with quick invoicing and tracking. Best customer service is our core so any one can call us as needed and we are happy to serve resellers over the phone. Resellers have been enjoying the feature of our system that allows them to view their current and past invoices, balances purchase history online as well as setting up different shipping locations under the same account.

Our wholesale prices are the cheapest as we provide our customers with factory direct prices with minimum profit margin.



 We serve customers from over 50 countries, and we're still growing. But our vision won’t change: One world, one price. 

Our Promises

We promise to:

  • Source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible.
  • Streamline the buying and payment process making it as easy as possible.
  • Deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.
  • Provide 24 hour customer support on weekdays.



Jacque Ojadidi  
President and Chief Executive Officer of iParis LLC



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