Theresa May Leadership –

Theresa May Leadership –

Dealing with these challenges is dependent on having a strong economy. And under my leadership we will create that by making the most of our existing strengths, investing in infrastructure and people, and ensuring that our economy grows across the whole country.
We will deliver a smooth and orderly Brexit and forge a deep and special partnership with our friends and allies across Europe. It will allow our United Kingdom to emerge from this period of great national change stronger and more prosperous than ever before.
Since becoming Prime Minister last year I have always made it clear that we need to pull down the barriers that prevent people fulfilling their true potential in order to secure a better deal for ordinary, working people. But for too many people in this country, where you end up in life is still determined by where you were born and to whom. So our manifesto will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to make the most of their talents and hard work, whoever they are and wherever they are from.
It is also vital that the government in place after the general election responds to the reality of an ageing society. While always making sure that we are fair to younger generations, it is essential that we give people security in their old age and care for those with long-term health conditions. And for the sake of our economy, security and society, we must harness the power of fast-changing technology.
Rather than pursue an agenda based on a supposed centre ground defined by elites in Westminster, we will govern in the interests of the mainstream of the British public. The agenda we set out in the manifesto will restore the public finances and maintain economic stability.
None of this will be easy. It will require discipline and focus, effort and hard work!

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